Welcome to Reading and District Model Aircraft Club.

Last update 3rd January 2018

The Reading & District Model Aircraft Club, has existed in its present form for excess of 30 years, although its origins date back to 1931. The club is affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association), the national body controlling model flying in the UK, and is run by a committee selected by its membership at an Annual General Meeting held each year in December.

We are a friendly and approachable group of model fliers, with a number of experienced members, willing to assist others in the pursuit of the sport. The club welcomes new members who wish to take up aeromodelling as a hobby.

The main activity of the club is flying. Outdoor flying takes place all year-round at our flying site adjacent to the River Thames, see the Flying Sites page. During the winter months we also hold indoor flying sessions at a local sports centre, see the Indoor Flying page.

Prospective new members need to be aware that a radio controlled aircraft is not a toy and flying should be carried out responsibly and safely at all times. To ensure the safety of all parties, the club maintains a standard for flying competency via the BMFA Power Achievement Scheme. If you are a beginner, we will encourage and help you to gain your basic ‘A’ certificate for fixed wing competence via the provision of tuition on an informal basis. The club has a number of volunteer instructors who try to be available most Saturdays to assist beginners via buddy boxes, which are provided by the club. No formal training for helicopters or drones is currently available but we do provide a hovering patch where beginners can develop their skills. The club has examiners who can test candidates for fixed wing, rotary or drone. Whether you are a beginner or a competent pilot, until you achieve your ‘A’ certificate, you are not permitted to fly unless accompanied by another ‘A’ certificate club member.

In addition to the above, the club operates a ‘no lone flying’ policy.  This is described under ‘Flying Sites’.

Please consider the above points carefully as they may affect your decision to join the club.

If you are considering joining the club, as a beginner or a competent flier, if the weather looks good we suggest that you come down to the flying strip on a Wednesday or Saturday morning for a chat with club members. If you are a beginner, members will be happy to talk to you, recommend equipment, radio and models suitable for a beginner and answer any questions you have – don’t go and part with your hard earned cash until you have had some free advice!

New members are welcome to join the club during the year at the Membership Secretaries discretion. For Membership fees and further information please see the Membership page. Upon joining the club, every member is automatically enrolled as a member of the BMFA as insurance by the British Model Flying Association is a condition of club membership. The cost of BMFA membership is included in the annual club subscription.

We look forward to introducing more flyers to this exhilarating sport / pastime.