Club Rules



  1. The Club shall be called The Reading & District Model Aircraft Club.
  2. The Club shall be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association.
  3. The Club shall consist of persons actively interested in the model aircraft movement.
  4. The Club shall as far as is practical follow the guidelines as laid down by the BMFA.
  5. The membership year shall run from 1st January to 31st December each year. The membership fees shall be set at the A.G.M. Fees become due on or before 1st January each year. Any member not renewing their membership by this date will not be insured and must not fly.
  6. There will be an initial joining fee payableupon joining the club. If a renewal subscription is not paid by 31st January then the joining fee is payable again. The amount of the joining fee shall be set at the A.G.M.
  7. Applications for new membership may be made at anytime during the year, but there will be no reductions in fees for part of year. New members will only become full members on completion of a 3 month probationary period. Probationary members will be entitled to all the privileges of full members with the exception of a vote in any club ballot. The club and BMFA subscription is payable on application. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund of the club fees. The club reserves the right to refuse membership and to withhold the reasons for so doing.
  8. The affairs of the Club shall be in the hands of the elected Committee, which shall consist of three officers and a number of committee members. The club officers shall be: – Hon Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The committee shall appoint a safety officer from within their number. The Committee may appoint or authorise members to carry out specified duties on its behalf.
  9. Under normal circumstances only one of the officers will stand down in rotation at the AGM, and may be re-elected or replaced in the normal way.
  10. The Committee shall meet at least four times a year, at which five persons shall form a quorum.
  11. The Committee shall have in particular the power to :- Authorise the expenditure of Club funds, Appoint any officers as required, Establish any sub-committee it might think necessary, Suspend any member for conduct prejudicial to the Club.
  12. The A.G.M. shall normally be held on the 1st Tuesday in December.
  13. At Annual General Meetings of the Club and the Committee Meetings, decisions shall be by majority vote, as provided by Rule 15. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
  14. These Rules may be deleted, amended or added to at the A.G.M. or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, provided that a two-thirds majority of those voting is obtained.
  15. Voting will normally be by a show of hands, but any member may demand that a written ballot be taken of any motion. The Hon. Secretary will conduct the ballot.
  16. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called giving at least 14 days notice, if the Committee considers one necessary or if twelve or more members give notice to the Hon. Secretary in writing, specifying the business to be discussed.
  17. Members must abide by the Flying Field Rules and the BMFA Codes of Practice.
  18. Club members must not cause a public nuisance or behave in a manner likely to prejudice the club, or the sport of model aviation.
  19. Minor rule breaches should be dealt with by a verbal caution from a Committee member, preferably on the spot.
  20. Significant breaches of Club Rules brought to the committee’s notice by two or more members may result in a verbal caution being given by two Committee members, who will report the event at the next Committee Meeting.
  21. Further significant breaches of club rules brought to the committee’s notice, supported by written statements from two Club members will result in an interview with two Committee members, one being if possible the Hon. Chairman. A letter may follow this from the Hon. Chairman and imposition of a one-month suspension of the offending member, together with a warning of possible expulsion if misbehaviour continues.
  22. Further significant breaches of club rules brought to the committee’s notice, supported by written statements from two Club members will result in immediate suspension until the next Committee meeting where expulsion will be considered. Written confirmation of the suspension shall be given at soon as practicable after the event. The offender will be able to appear before the Committee if they wish.
  23. Dangerous behaviour will result in immediate suspension of the member. The member would have the right to appeal.
  24. The club may only be dissolved by a postal vote initiated by the incumbent committee. Any such ballot shall be scrutinised by an impartial and independent third party.
  25. The date for dissolution shall be agreed by the committee following the postal ballot and shall be set to ensure sufficient time for the club’s affairs to be wound up by the officers in charge of the club at the time.
  26. In the event that the club is dissolved, no individual member shall have claim on the club funds.
  27. Any monies remaining after the disposal of club assets and payment of any debts shall be held in trust for a period of up to ten years or until such time as a new Reading and District Model Aircraft Club is formed and affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). If no such club is formed, at the end of that period the Trustees shall be responsible for the disposal of the remaining funds to be used for promoting the sport of model flying.
  28. The Trustees shall not release the funds to a newly formed club until it has been in continuous existence for a minimum period of two years.
  29. The Trustees shall ensure that the constitution of the new club contains a clause that in the event of that club being dissolved any remaining funds are returned to a trust.
  30. The Trustees shall be the BMFA or the current recognised national body for model aircraft flying at the relevant time.
  31. A new Reading and District Model Aircraft Club shall mean: a club, for the promotion of model aircraft flying, reforming either on the same site or within ten miles of the site of the club at the time of its demise, andContaining a significant number of those who were members of the previous club at the time of its demise. The number to be determined by the Trustees, and deemed to be significantly the same club.
  32. The Trustees shall have sole responsibility for determining whether a new Reading and District Model Aircraft Club has been formed in accordance with the conditions set out above.