Flying strip flooded again

Having been under water and recently and then re-emerging to allow flying, the strip is now back under water (18th Jan) as these photos from Ray Chesterman show.



Funeral of Peter Mann

We have recently been advised by his son of the funeral arrangements for Peter Mann,  a long term member of the club. For those wishing to attend his funeral the arrangements are as follows:

Date : 28th January

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Location: Easthampstead Park crematorium RG40 3DW.

Not just family but all are warmly welcome afterwards at the Golden Retriever pub, which is just around the corner, where food is laid on.

Reduction in membership Fees

At the 2019 club AGM members approved the Treasurers’ proposal that the club fees be reduced to £20 for adults and £5 for junior members As a result, 2020 club fees are now:

Adult members –£83 (£20 club + £38 BMFA membership + £25 joining fee)
Junior members – £22 (£5 club + £17 BMFA Insurance)

At the 2019 club AGM members also approved the resolution to amend the club rules to reflect that all active (flying) members who fly models within scope of the CAA registration requirement must be registered with the CAA. If you do not hold a BMFA ‘A’ certificate or higher that means that you will need to take and pass either the CAA or the BMFA equivalent competency test to get your Operator I.D. If you hold a BMFA certificate you are exempt from taking the competency test but you must still apply for your Operator I.D. This will be an additional cost of £9 over and above the club fees.

Use of failsafe on R/C systems.

You need to be aware that it is mandatory to set the failsafe if it is fitted to your radio system, That means all 2.4Ghz radios and any 35Mhz systems using a PCM Rx. The minimum setting required is that the control surfaces hold their last position and the throttle is closed to at least idle. Those of you preparing to take the ‘A’ achievement test will be asked to demonstrate the operation of the failsafe as part of your pre-flight checks. Further to that you should test your failsafe on a regular basis and certainly following any program changes to your models. To demonstrate the operation of the failsafe the model must be restrained, the motor/engine RPM set above idle (but not necessarily full throttle) then the TX is turned off, at which point the motor/engine should go to idle.