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Here you will find links to useful/interesting websites.

NOTE: These sites have all been visited and the links are checked fairly frequently, so if you find one of these are not working please let us know via the contact page. Thanks. If you have any favourites that have been missed, please tell us about those too.

Organised into

Local Model Clubs

Basingstoke MAC
Details of events, flying site etc. Even a forum for online discussions

British Model Flying Association. Handbook and R/C Achievement scheme details are available plus a useful Club Search and links to a number of club websites. Now has a Sales/Wants advert section too.

Southern Area BMFA web site
Website of the BMFA Southern Area group

Bracknell and Disctrict MAC
Bracknell club seems to be more inclined to competition than us. Details on the site.

High Wycombe MAC
Big club, over 180 members and a couple of flying sites. We usually see a few of them at the Beale PArk Floatplane events.

South East Berks RFC
SE Berks fly near Wokingham, fixed-wing R/C only. There are quite a few electric fliers around including David Theunissen of “Fly Electric” fame (see below)

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R/C General sites

RC Groups
About the best site for R/C forums IMO. Home of the E-Zone, Lift-Zone and Power-Zone.

Eljet private jet hire
An American commercial jet hire site which very unusually also provides a host of information on RC Jets and aircraft.

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R/C Related Personal Web pages

Fly Electric
David Theunissen’s excellent site including details of his large scale models and a couple free plans.

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Electric Flight

Home of the E-Zone e-magazine, e-flight mailing list and more

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Helicopters and Autogyros

JB’s Autogyros
Now THE site to visit for autogyro information. I like these odd devices

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Control Line

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UK C/L Navy Carrier
If you haven’t seen Carrier competition yet go and have a look.

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R/C Flight Simulators

New German flight sim with helis and fixed-wing. Looks interesting.

CSM Flight Simulator
Still the best R/C flight simulator for serious use in my opinion. The current version is V10.

FMS simulator
FREE simulator from Germany this time. Some interesting planes including a slow flyer. Some of the expensive commercial sims are going to have to get moving if they want to stay ahead of this excellent freebie

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Plans, software and electronics sites

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Flying Schools

Paul Heckles School of Flying
Paul and his colleagues are based just outside Swindon and provide friendly, professional and good value flying tuition on virtually anything from basic training toward your A test to helicopter acrobatics to jets! If your looking to improve your skills I thoroughly recommend you give them a call.

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UK Modelling Suppliers


Gliders Distribution
Loads of sailplanes and electric stuff, especially Graupner

Difficult to beat for batteries and associated bits


Klass Kote
Epoxy paint and more

DB Sport and Scale Ltd
A UK Manufacturer and retailer of classic, quality engineered, Laser cut, traditional “builders” Model Aircraft Kits.
Originally started by the late, great David “Boddo” Boddington in the late sixties. We also stock Williams Brothers items and many other usual and unusual accessories.

Foam wing and float cutting service

Inwood Models
Excellent range of general modelling gear at some of the best prices around.

Just Engines
As you might guess, suppliers of many fine engines. Moki, MVVS, Jett, OS, PAW, SuperTigre etc. Look out for the Special Offers page, changed monthly.

It took them a while to get into the electronic age but this site is not bad. Separate sections for the 3 mags (Aeromodeller, RCM&E and Silent Flight) plus top 10 plans and books to buy.

Phoenix Models
Mainly soarers but also the famous (notorious ?) Wingbat and a growing range of “unbreakable” EPP gliders

One of the biggest distributors of modelling gear in the UK. Importers of Futaba, MDS engines, TopFlite kits among others. Distributors of the wonderful Model Designs electric scale(ish) kits.

Traplet On-line
Website of Traplet Publishing, home of Electric Flight International, R/C Model World etc. On-line ordering for mags, books, plans etc.

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R/C suppliers outside the UK


Astro Flight high quality cobalt motors and now brushless, plus controller, chargers etc. Astro Bob practically invented electric flight and he has the patents to prove it.

You must have heard of Aveox brushless motors, controllers etc. Used by lots of the top competetive electric fliers. Very good but not cheap.

Maxcim Motors Inc – brushless motors and controllers from the US. Aimed more at sport and scale fliers rather than serious competition and used by such luminaries as Keith Shaw and Jack Sowle. Like all brushless motor systems these are expensive but brilliant. (Can you tell I’ve just talked myself into buying one?)

Like Electricalc, a program to calculate flight characteristics of Electrics etc. You need either this program or Electricalc(or both).

Modelair Tech
Tom Hunt has some excellent gearboxes and DeWalt motors. But for me the highlight is his range of “Stik” built plans and kits. First class planes built almost entirely from 1/4 x 1/8 balsa strip.


Dr Diesel
There are not a lot of model diesel engines available in the US. Eric Clutton (Dr Diesel) is an ex-pat Brit from my home town of Stoke who imports the PAW range and a few others.

Great Hobbies
Horrible name but nice people from Canada. They carry a huge range and if you’re thinking of ordering direct from “over there” try them. They don’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping to Europe like Tower seem to. Watch out for conversion rates, the Canadian dollar is worth much less than the US dollar so the prices look high at first.

Tower Hobbies
You must have heard of Tower Hobbies. Probably the largest modelling retailer in the world. This is a good site with some useful information and a lot more links for you to check out in the R/C Web.

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