Flying Site

Thames Valley Park

The club has use of a grass strip and flying field by the Thames at Thames Valley Park with a grass strip. This is for the use of Members only. Anyone found using the strip who is not a club member will be asked by TVP security to stop flying.

Map for Thames Valley Park:

For SatNavs the nearest postcode is RG6 1PU.

For a view of our flying site, watch the video at Flying field video

Flying at this site is managed according to our Flying Field rules and Flying Field Risk Assessment:

Saturdays and Wednesdays are regular club flying days which members normally attend. The club provide training for beginners on these days throughout the year, running from 10:00 to around 5:00 p.m., subject to weather conditions and trainer availability.

Flying may take place at anytime within the flying times listed below provided you comply with Flying Field rule 11 which states that:

‘Radio flyers must not fly models without the supervision of an experienced pilot until they have passed the BMFA “A” test. Flying is not permitted unless the pilot is accompanied by at least one other responsible person, who should act as observer.’

Members often make their own arrangements with other fliers via emailing the club Googlegroup to ensure at least one other another flier is with them at all times. The role of a second person at the field is to act as a ‘look-out’ for members of the public approaching, or crossing the strip, when models are being flown close to the strip or are on landing approach, and to advise them and/or the pilot.

Permitted flying times are as follows :

Day Powered flight Silent Flight
Monday 10:30am – 08:00pm 10:00am onwards
Tuesday 10:30am – 08:00pm 10:00am onwards
Wednesday 10:30am – 08:00pm 10:00am onwards
Thursday 10:30am – 08:00pm 10:00am onwards
Friday 10:30am – 08:00pm 10:00am onwards
Saturday 10:00am – 05:00pm 10:00am onwards
Sunday 09:00am – 05:00pm 09:00am onwards

Bank Holidays are counted as Sundays

Powered flight means any model powered by an Internal Combustion engine including airboats, helicopters, power assisted gliders and control-line models. With the advances in electric motor power and battery technology, some electric models are also considered to fall in this category if they are far from silent. We are a noise sensitive site so please help us keep our flying field and fly responsibly.

To qualify for Silent Flight hours, a person with normal hearing standing outside the security building for Thames Valley Business Park should not be able to distinguish the sound from the model whilst it is on the ground, or in the air over the permitted flying area of the club, from the ambient background noise level.

Unfortunately there are no facilities on-site but refreshments are available at the nearby leisure centre. BBQ’s are permitted but must not damage the grass.